How To Find The Ultimate Military Watch

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Tactical watches are preferred by strong individuals, who want to tell the whole world they don’t fear anything and anybody. These people need a reliable timepiece, solid, durable and able to withstand all weather conditions. A military watch should be resistant to scratches, as life outdoors isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes you need to hide yourself in the bush, to climb the mountains or to crawl in the mud.

When trying to find the best military watch, you have to do a proper research. The first thing to start with is the materials. A good tactical watch should be made from very strong materials. The case, the bezel and even the wristband should be able to resist to scratches and hits. Unfortunately, this kind of resistance comes at a price. These watches are bulky, and many of them are quite heavy.

image of a hunter and tactical watchLuckily, modern materials such as flexible resins, plastics and lightweight metals helped to create watches that are both extremely durable and lightweight. The owner can wear them without feeling their arm is going to fall, they can run, climb trees, swim and jump from rock to rock without having their moves obstructed by a heavy watch.

Moreover, a military watch should be designed to resist all kinds of weather, including extreme temperatures and even hurricanes. Most people who want a watch like that love adventure and the great outdoors. However, many of them also have regular jobs, so they want their watch to look elegant enough to be worn at the office. This means these watches are created with a special attention to the design. Although bulky, they have daring and sleek shapes that make them suitable for business outfits.

A good tactical watch (or any tactical device) is going to be perfect for sports, outdoor trips, hiking, camping, swimming, sailing, but also for the city. It can create an interesting contrast with a very elegant outfit, as it would remind people of James Bond.

One of the biggest advantages of these watches is that you only need one, as it covers all situations and all occasions. Besides, if you choose a really good brand, it can last a lifetime. You can even leave it to your children and grandchildren, as it is always going to work very well and look like new.

When choosing your military watch, you need to be aware that not all of them have the same functions. You need to think very well about what you’d like your watch to do, apart from telling the time. Tactical gear isn’t straightforward and there are many thing you’ll need to consider on every purchase.

You may need an altimeter, a barometer or a compass. These features exist in some watches. You can even find models that offer all these functions without being too expensive. It a frequent wish of globetrotters and avid travelers who need to know the time in their country of origin, but also the local time, no matter where they are.

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There are other features that could influence your buying decision. For instance, you may need the display to be easily readable from most angles. You may want it to feature a bright backlight. Perhaps you wish your watch to be solar powered so that you don’t have to worry about the battery running flat. There are watches that can enter a power save mode after a certain period of inactivity. This would save power without causing you any inconvenience.

When purchasing a military watch, you should get it from a trustworthy source. Don’t buy from shady websites without clear policies and contact details, because you risk becoming the victim of fraud.

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Wilderness Survival Tips And The Necessary Gears

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Whether you like hunting, canoeing, fishing, hiking among other wilderness activities, it is always wise of you to learn the basic wilderness survival tips and about tactical gears that you will require for a successful and secure trip. Wilderness is an activity that most people like participating in, be it with your family, friends or by yourself, it can be a dangerous camping that requires one to fully prepare yourself really well with all tactical gears and survival tips for you to control and tackle any emergency attention that might came your way. Most people miss it when it comes to wilderness trip, they think that all you need is just gears for protection, having tactical gears is good but knowing how to use them and the purpose of each gear is the best thus why talking about gears requires also one to touch on the survival tips, for example having a pocket knife and not knowing how to use it is as good as not having it therefore the below survival tips and tactical gears will eventually help you to have a secure and successful wilderness trip.

To start with are the necessary gears that your require:


$_35Preparing for a wilderness trip without a tent is preparing to go out for a disaster, a tent is the basic tactical gear that you badly need to pack, during nights it is good to have a shelter under your head for it will protect you from insects such as mosquitoes and scare away some wild animals that might want to attack you. The tent is not only for sleeping but is also a tactical gear that can really safe you, therefore do not forget this vital gear during any wilderness trip.

Knife and a gun.

Stainless-Steel-Survival-KnifeHaving a knife especially a pocket knife is very important as you will use to remove the vegetation that might block your way as well as protecting yourself from dangerous animals that might jump on you such as snakes, it always good to have a knife at your reach, also if you run out of food the knife will help you great deal in hunting for a meal,it is really a good tactical gear.Again the gun is necessary for protection if by any chance you are attack by wild animals or you want to scare away some dangerous animals.

Swimming customs and gloves.

Sometimes during your trip you might be forced to get into water thus why it is always good to have the swimming clothes,this gears will help you in swimming, the gloves too will help you in touching or handling things that might be harmful to your hands.

Rechargeable torch.

Light in any wilderness trip is very necessary because the darkness might catch up with you before you reach your destination therefore this gear will sure help you in traveling at nights.

First aid kid.

During your wilderness camping or trip a first aid kid is very necessary because what will you do if you get injured? You ought to have this gear for survival gear.


Survival tips are:

•Always act faster in case of emergency.

•Do not travel with young children below the age of ten to wilderness trip.

•Check your gears before you go.

•Inform people on the place you are hourly.

•Do not go to restricted areas.

If you follow the above tips and get the above gears then you will definitely have a secure and successful wilderness trip.

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